Simulation of circuits containing vacuum tubes
Presentation of the application note [X6]

[X6] F. Broydé, Ch. Hymowitz, "Modeling Vacuum Tubes, part I", Intusoft Newsletter, February 1994.

Downloading the document as a .pdf file (241 kB). This document is subject to the Copyright of Excem and Intusoft. We have removed from this document everything that did not belong to our work.

     This application note is essentially based on the SPICE code and the comments of the Extubes.lib tube model library created by Broydé and Clavelier, on their simulation of a MOSFET-triode amplifier, and on their translation of the Electronique Radio Plans paper [B23]. An unfortunate editing suggests there is such a thing as the EL9000 pentode. Of course not. This is an hypothetical tube.

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