Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC
Presentation of the paper [B21]

[B21] F. Broydé, E. Clavelier, D. Givord, P. Vallet, "Discussion of the Relevance of Transfer Admittance and Some Through Elastance Measurements Results", IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Vol. 35, No. 4, November 1993, pp. 417-422.

Downloading the document as a .pdf file (457 kB) and keep in mind that it is best to use the "Article" function of Adobe Acrobat! Information on the "Article" function. This document is subject to the Copyright of Excem and of the IEEE.

     We note that the figure 1 of the document is illegible. We therefore provide the original drawing, shown below.

     The results of this paper have later been used by other authors and scientists, for instance:

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