VIG3: a measurement system
for the shielding effectiveness of Faraday cages

    VIG 3 is the name of a principle and of a technology for high performance measurement systems for the shielding effectiveness of Faraday cages or shielded enclosures. The VIG 3 can be applied to continuous or periodical monitoring of shielded rooms, or to acceptance tests.

     The VIG 3 is protected by a patent applied for by Excem in 1991. The VIG 3 takes advantage of our experience in the design and manufacturing of the VIG 2 during the years 1989-1991. The VIG 3 is very similar to the original VIG 2, but the analog signal processing has been replaced by digital signal processing, thus offering improved selectivity and accuracy, and also a faster response.

     Equipments realized according to the VIG 3 technology may be used in all applications requiring acceptance tests or the monitoring of the shielding effectiveness of a Faraday cage. The VIG 3 is the first choice when the measurement should be continuous. Examples of possible applications are:

     We made some publications on the VIG systems (please refer to the the following references: B14 , B16 , B19 , B26 ).

     The VIG 3 General Brochure can be downloaded. This is an Adobe Acrobat 3.0 file (.pdf file). The size of the file is 218 kB. We advise you to read it with Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (or higher), in order to obtain perfect printing.

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