SpiceLine: a software for emission,
immunity and crosstalk predictions

     SpiceLine is intended for computing emission, immunity and crosstalk of multiconductor transmission lines. Each problem starts with the description of the multiconductor transmission line with two or three matrices of suitable per-unit-length parameters. SpiceLine then generates a SPICE model of the transmission line.

     This SPICE model can be used directly in a SPICE simulator for frequency domain simulation (.AC simulation in the SPICE wording) or time domain simulation (.TRAN) of crosstalk.

     From the results of an appropriate frequency-domain simulation (the *.OUT file), SpiceLine is also able to compute the frequency-domain emission by radiation of the transmission line, considering type 1 coupling and type 2 coupling.

     Immunity of a system to radiated disturbances can also be assessed from a frequency domain simulation.

     We made several publications on the innovative methods used in SpiceLine (please refer to the following references: B12 , B18 , B38 , B45 ).

     The first version of SpiceLine was edited in 1994. The User's guide of SpiceLine version 2.23 can be downloaded. This is an Adobe Acrobat 3.0 file (.pdf file). The size of the file is 199ko. We advise you to read it with Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (or higher), in order to obtain perfect printing.

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